Privacy policy

Like any company in the digital era, Fagron processes personal data. Through our Privacy Statement we want to provide transparency into what kind of personal data we process and for which purpose.

As a global company we are committed to comply with privacy regulations that apply in every country where we operate. With the head office of Fagron being located in the EU, the most recent EU regulation serves as our framework. In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), this Privacy Statement sets a standard for our group companies although outside the EU local privacy laws apply. We refer to our country websites for local privacy statements.

Fagron’s activities as a company are primarily business-to-business. We serve different customer groups within the pharmaceutical industry, including prescribers, pharmacies, hospitals and clinics. The processing of personal data is therefore only to support our business processes and is not at the core of our activities.

Fagron processes personal data of the following categories of persons, or data subjects:
Website & webshop users;
Website visitors;

Employees & applicants, which are out of scope in this Privacy statement.
Patients are a special category of data subjects for Fagron because of the high sensitivity of health information. We receive personal data of individual patients from our customers for the preparation of customized medication. In these cases, Fagron needs to identify the patient correctly to protect the patients’ health. In our responsibility as compounding pharmacy, it needs to be clear that the medicine prepared is in line with the patients’ needs and the prescription, taking specific medical conditions into account.

More details can be found in our Privacy Statement above. For any additional information and/or questions about this statement or the processing of personal data by Fagron, please contact the Privacy Office.